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New Romney ad slams Obama for supporting unions


President Obama may be a big fan of unions -- for their organizing efforts and/or their political contributions -- but what's the story behind organized labor protests? The Romney camp offers up one story of how small businesses are targeted by labor unions' "schoolyard bullies."

Paul Munsch, the owner of St. Louis Paving in St. Louis, Missouri, says he and his employees have faced years of bullying from the local union bosses and wonders why President Obama is one of the unions' most ardent supporters in the latest ad from Mitt Romney's campaign:

I like this approach from the Romney camp -- putting a real face to the issue of how so much of the labor union agenda (and the Democrat agenda) is actually anti-business.  Liberals may dismiss the high-brow, well-paid cold and careless CEO all they want, but that's not a realistic image of the damage this agenda does to the real victims -- people like Paul Munsch and his dedicated employees who are being ostracized simply for doing their jobs.

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