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Jon Huntsman wins coveted Michael Moore endorsement


...also known as the conservative kiss of death.  Kudos to you, Gov. Huntsman.

Appearing on ABC's "The View" this week, the liberal filmmaker lamented that President Obama has not lived up to his full progressive potential.  The Oscar-winner also slammed the GOP's 2012 presidential field for being "out of touch" in not wholly accepting the theory of man-made global warming and for suggesting that man's Creator played a role in... ya know, creating man:

Moore also insisted that killing Osama bin Laden without a civilian trial was wrong -- an assertion that didn't sit well with Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Video after the jump...

“I think we did a very smart thing putting the Nazis on trial,” Moore said when Barbara Walters asked him to explain.

“That was after [World War II] was over,” Hasselbeck responded.

“The war is over,” Moore said.

“No, Michael, we’re still at war,” she replied.

Moore went on to argue that if criminal trials were good enough for the Nazis, then they’re good enough for al-Qaeda.  That's when co-host Joy Behar jumped in to side with Hasselbeck. “We don’t want his followers to think of him as a martyr or have input in the trial. We don’t need that. He’s out. Bye!,” she said.

Eddie Scarry contributed to this post.

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