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Made in America: See the 10 Coolest Weapons Found Only in Uncle Sam’s Arsenal


Sadly, no civilian versions yet.

Business Insider has put together an awesome slideshow of 10 of the most lethal, innovative war fighting tools that are exclusive to the the U.S. military.

Here's a sample of our favorites from the slideshow:

1) XM25 Individual Airburst Weapon System (IAWS)

Many of you may recall the Blaze's earlier coverage of this weapon, fondly referred to as "The Punisher." This air-burst grenade launcher fires a 25mm projectile using a remarkable laser-finder targeting system to explode above-- or behind-- a pre-programmed target. The grenade detonates after a set number of aerial rotations, and is capable of hitting a target at 500 meters.

Basically, you can set this thing to blow up right above a foxhole, or right behind some sandbags. It brings an anti-personnel capability to our soldiers in Afghanistan that helps erase the advantages of terrain in an ambush scenario. It also has door-breaching and non-lethal capabilities when used with different rounds.

2) The Taser Shockwave

While it looks like an array of miniature green stadium lights, the Taser shockwave uses its juice to shut a crowd down. It can send out a jolt of electricity up to 25 feet away that will shock a mob into submission. You can also patch them together, sort of like Legos, to create an ever bigger electric pulse -- and take the fight out of any angry rabble.

3) PHASR Rifle

It looks like a Star Wars laser gun, but the PHASR rifle uses a pretty straightforward concept: think of a flashlight in someone's eyes, only much more powerful. It's a hand-held version of what the military calls a 'dazzler,' which has been used at military checkpoints to deter civilians from entering restricted areas.

4)  XM2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle

Basically a souped- up version of the old M24 sniper rifle, the XM2010 gives an additional 50% maximum effective range, and fires a .300 Magnum round instead of the standard 7.62. The extra range should come in handy for U.S. forces squaring off against Taliban fighters at long distances across the treacherous Afghan terrain.

To see the rest of these amazing weapons of war, check out the full slideshow at Business Insider.

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