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Confirmed: NASA using dartboard to pinpoint satellite crash site


First they were certain the satellite hunks of space junk hurtling toward earth would miss North America entirely.  Now, they're considerably less confident, suggesting it may very well crash land in the U.S.:

NASA said Friday morning that the defunct, school-bus-size satellite UARS might hit the United States after all when it crashes late at night or early Saturday. But with only hours to go in its 20-year orbital life, UARS remains highly unpredictable, and its debris could land anywhere from the frozen north to the frigid Southern Ocean beyond the tip of South America.

Forgive my French, but for my geography-illiterate friends out there, that's a big a** landing zone:

I'm with Steven Colbert on this one -- Can't we narrow our margin of error on this one by a few million square miles?

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