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Bachmann Hits Back at Perry: ‘A President Who Would Encourage More Illegal Immigration’


"...we have a mind to go with that heart."

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is hitting back at Texas Gov. Rick Perry's immigration policies. Seizing (albiet a bit late) upon the governor's controversial comments about tuition assistance for the children of illegal immigrants, Bachmann's camp released an ad called, "We Can't Settle."

As you'll recall, Perry said (he has since voiced regret over these comments) the following during the Fox News-Google debate:

“I don’t think you have a heart“ if ”you say that we should not educate children who come into our state for no other reason than that they’ve been brought their through no fault of their own.

We need to be educating these children because they will become a drag on our society. I think that’s what Texans wanted to do. Out of 181 members of the Texas legislature when this issue came up [there were] only four dissenting votes. This was a state issue. Texas voted on it. And I still support it today.”

Bachmann's ad, during which she sits before the camera and speaking directly to the audience, begins with the following words: "Last week, we conservatives were accused of not having a heart. Nothing could be further from the truth."

She continues, clearly taking the opportunity to throw a dig in Perry's direction, "It's just that we have a mind to go with that heart."

As the video progresses, Bachmann, without explicitly naming Perry, attacks his rationality when it comes to policy-making, saying, "...failing to act rationally under the rule of law has created chaos on our borders. We can't settle for a president who would encourage more illegal immigration..."

Among other subjects, she tackles tuition breaks as well as Arizona's right to make its own immigration policies (Perry came out against the controversial Arizona immigration law last year).

Watch the ad, below:

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