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Whitey Bulger Tipster Revealed: the Former Miss Iceland Who is Now a Yoga Instructor


Infamous Boston mob boss James "Whitey" Bulger was on the run for 16 years. A Boston Globe story published Sunday reveals that the FBI was finally able to track him down thanks to a tip from Bulger's Santa Monica neighbor, the 57-year-old former Miss Iceland, who has been awarded $2 million for the tip:

"The Icelandic beauty, who gained minor fame decades ago starring in Vidal Sassoon and Noxzema commercials, was home in Reykjavik, Iceland, when she saw a CNN report on the FBI’s latest effort to track the 82-year-old Bulger and his 60-year-old girlfriend, Catherine Greig. Bjornsdottir recognized them immediately as the Gaskos, her former neighbors."

Anna Bjorndottir called the FBI, and Bulger was brought home with his girlfriend Catherine Greig to face charges that he had killed 19 people. The Boston Globe investigation revealed not only who tipped off authorities, but what Bulger had been up to. Rather than gallivanting through Europe as some had speculated, Bulger modestly spent the last 13 years watching television late at night according to neighbors of his rent-controlled apartment. Going by Charles Gasko, Bulger and Catherine "Carol Gasko," were noticed by Anna after the former actress saw the two take care of an abandoned cat twice a day in front of their apartment.

Authorities have said they found about 30 firearms and $822,000 in cash hidden in the walls of Bulger's two-bedroom apartment, according to Reuters. Bjornsdottir, currently a yoga instructor and graphic designer, has received $2 million of the $2.1 million paid for her tip. The FBI had said in September that it paid $2.1 million to "more than one individual" for information that led to the arrests of Bulger and Greig, but have not given any further detail.

Bulger was seen to some as a "robin hood-like" figure, but feared by all during his reign over the Boston-Based Winter Hill Gang. The couple were arrested at the Santa Monica apartment on June 22. Both Bulger and Greig have pleaded not guilty to the charges against them which included the 19 alleged murders from 1970s and 1980s.

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