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Manhattan Mini Storage Launches Subway Ads Slamming Perry, Bachmann…and The Mets?


"Rick Perry: The voice in your head is not God."

Back in September, The Blaze brought you a story about Manhattan Mini Storage's controversial advertising campaign poking fun at prominent Republicans like Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin.  You might also recall one of their earlier ads from 2008:

Manhattan Mini Storage’s political, liberal-friendly ads have been a common sight around the city for years. Remember the one about Sarah Palin from 2008? “What’s More Limited? Your Closet or Her Experience?”

But now, Business Insider reports that MMS is back at it again with an entire suite of snarky one and two-liners:

Not even Jesus is off-limits in Manhattan Mini Storage's viral subway ad campaign.

The company jabs at GOP presidential candidates Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry for their frequent invocation of God on the campaign trail, in ads often unrelated to storage.

Stacy Stuart, vice president for marketing for Manhattan Mini Storage, told The New York Times earlier this year that the company produces its ads without the help of an ad agency.

“We definitely love to be topical and relevant to our Manhattan community,” she said.

The ad campaign risks alienating some people — but then again, it's New York.

View one add below, and the rest here:

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