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UK Concern: Why Do So Many Young Women Drink Themselves to 'Oblivion?


'I kiss random men in the street and Hannah has had sex behind a chicken coop.'

Photo by Andy Kelvin/Kelvin Media

The Daily Mail has long followed disturbing accounts of drunken revelry by young people in Britain.

Their new special report is particularly disconcerting:

Midnight on St Mary Street in Cardiff and everything is exactly as expected. Half a dozen young women slump in a gutter, men urinate outside a health-food shop and, as hordes stagger between nightclubs, someone lifts up a blow-up doll with a sex toy protruding out of it.

The street smells of urine and lager, police struggle  to break up a fight outside the Walkabout bar and a paramedic bundles a comatose girl on to a wheelchair. But it's a quiet night for 20-year-old Naomi Jenkins. She has 'only' drunk three shots of peach schnapps, cider and three shots of Jagermeister (during a drinking game called I Have Never) and still feels 'a bit sober'. Her friend Hannah Freeman, 19, was punched in a fight and stumbles about swearing and searching for a bathroom.

'We only do embarrassing things when we're really drunk,' Naomi says. 'I kiss random men in the street and Hannah has had sex behind a chicken coop.' She screams with laughter as Hannah lurches unsteadily in the stairwell of Charleston Bar and Grill on Caroline Street (known locally as Chip Alley) and unashamedly urinates in front of us.

The photos in the report are revolting:

I wish I could say that the rest of the article offers some sense of a coming moderation.  Not really.  Unless you count tips on how to "tactical vomit."

Read the rest with caution here.

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