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Did a Chicago Protester Admit He’s Being Paid To Occupy Chicago?

Did a Chicago Protester Admit He’s Being Paid To Occupy Chicago?

"I am a volunteer . . . I'm a full-time volunteer."

Maybe it's nonsense. Maybe it's real.

Questions of authenticity aside, here are the facts: this recently-released video features a protester near what sounds like the Occupy Chicago protest claiming that he is being paid $22 an hour (plus overtime) to "volunteer" in Chicago (the $22 an hour admission occurs at the 2:49 minute mark in the video below).

That  raises all sorts of possibilities.

First of all, he could indeed be a paid protester, which raises the question: who is paying him? Additionally, if he is being paid $22 an hour (plus overtime) to protest against corporate greed, are all protesters being paid at that rate?

And if so, who has pockets deep enough to finance all of this?

If not, that is if the man in the video is only part of a select few being paid, what will happen when the other unpaid protesters find out that some of them are making bank by marching against "corporate greed?"

Secondly, there is the possibility that the man was talking about being paid for a different activity all together -- that he came to Chicago to be a paid volunteer for something else and just happens to have joined the protests on the side.

And finally, there's the possibility that he has been planted to undermine to the authenticity of the Occupy Chicago crowd. You'll notice, for example, he's not by the main protesters.

If so, who put him there? Who is paying for him to do that?

Take a look below and see what you think:

(H/T: Business Insider)

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