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Biden Guarantees: I‘ll ’Absolutely, Positively’ Be on the 2012 Ticket


"There's never been a question about that."

WASHINGTON (The Blaze/AP) -- Vice President Joe Biden says there's no question that he'll be in the No. 2 slot on next year's Democratic presidential ticket.

Asked on a nationally broadcast interview about speculation there might be a change, Biden said he's certain he'll be running with President Barack Obama again in 2012, saying, "Absolutely, positively yes. There's never been a question about that."

The former senator acknowledged there had been speculation about whether he would be replaced as the vice presidential candidate (some have said Hillary Clinton would be the new choice).

Appearing on NBC's "Today" show, Biden firmly asserted he'll be back on the ticket, saying "the president's made that clear and hardly anybody is raising it anymore:"

Biden also spoke on the foiled Iran-sponsored terror plot to assassinate a Sudi diplomat on U.S. soil (as well as bomb the Israeli embassy), refusing to call it an act of war and instead characterizing it as an "incredibly serious attempt to do something unheard of" that violated "international norms."

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