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No Freedom of Speech if You're a Conservative': Hank Jr. Gives Glenn a Candid Interview


"This is my favorite interview maybe of all time."

It was an interview Glenn Beck characterized as one of his best ever.

Hank Williams Jr. isn't mincing words when it comes to his feud with ESPN. In keeping with his bold and brash style, he joined Beck on radio Wednesday to talk about the fallout from his recent appearance on Fox News, and he was quite candid.

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"This has actually put new life into you, hasn't it?" Beck asked Williams.

"Oh," Williams responded in his slow southern drawl, "don't tread on me or the freedom of speech."

And apparently country radio hasn't. According to Williams, his new song "Keep the Change" about the controversy has skyrocketed to number one. "The number one song in this country downloaded and streamed in country radio is ‑‑ is yours truly, and I'm going to call it the people's song," he said.

But besides talking about his new anthem, he also had some words for Fox, which he thinks twisted his words and hinted at a full video coming that could bolster his case:

And by the way, Glenn, the rest of the story, you know, there will be downloads hopefully this afternoon.  Ladies and gentlemen of America, we have that whole interview before they started.  Please look at it.  When they asked me, "Well, what about, you know, the presidential race and the politics."  I said, look, let's don't go there.  Let's talk about my father's new box set.  Yet I can't wait, you know.  In the words of Sean Hannity last night, I'd hate to be Fox and Friends right now.  Just judge it for yourself.  Don't go there.  And like you said, an analogy?

"There is no freedom of speech if you're a conservative," he added.

"This is my favorite interview maybe of all time," Glenn concluded. See why below (Editor's note: the video below does have a pause near the beginning -- we are working on getting a better version):

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