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Chilling Footage: Iran Hosts Military Parade Showcasing Missiles, Shrouded Soldiers


"Now, these missile carriers highlight the ability of Iran to withstand any attack."

In what now seems an eerie foreboding of the foiled Iranian terror plot, video has recently surfaced from an Iranian military parade that took place late September. The parade was meant to propagandize Iranian missile technology and showcase the country's "ability to withstand any attack."

According to MEMRI's translation, the commentator states, "Anybody who sees these sights should say 'Allah Akbar,' and should glorify Allah and His might, from whom the IRGC draws its strength."

"Now, these missile carriers highlight the ability of Iran to withstand any attack."

The footage depicts a special unit of Iran's Basij forces, clad in white shrouds with what appear to be simulated blood-stains, marching in lock-step. The commentator states that the forces wear the shrouds as a declaration of Iran's military might, as well as to depict each soldier's willingness to "defend the religion, the revolution and the country."

As the shrouded men march, trucks carrying Zilzal missiles, which "operate on solid fuel," are paraded to show the "height of progress attained by Iranian technology."

The narrator then lists off the various missiles on parade:

Right now, the Fateh 110 missiles are passing in front of the stage. These surface-to-air missiles, belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, are called "Al-Khalij Al-Farisi."

Shehab 3, Shehab 4, and Shehab 2 missiles are held by the IRGC. These are various types various types of the Shehab 2, which is a medium-range missile, and this is a Qiam missile, which is also medium-range, and is manufactured by the IRGC.

The long-range Qadr-F missile has just passed in front of the stage. This is another type of the same missile – Qadr-F. Approximately three of these missiles – the long-range Qadr-F – have passed by.

Watch the disturbing footage below:

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