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‘Occupy Gotham’: Batman stands with Wall Street protesters?


According to Forbes, Bruce Wayne's fictional fortune which funds his superhero moonlighting tops out at an estimated $6.5 billion. In addition to rounding up criminals, Wayne -- like many real-life billionaires and millionaires -- is a charitable philanthropist, investing his treasure in trying to better his community.

In the opinion of "deviant" artist Anjin Anhut, Batman would apparently support higher taxes for himself and the real-life rich and stands with today's Occupy Wall Street protesters in some sort of bizarre alternate reality:

Death+Taxes wonders what other "well-heeled superheroes" might think about today's class warfare.  "I’m looking at you, Iron Man — and your estimated $3 billion."

Aside from the fact that Bruce Wayne is a fictional personality, there are a couple of other large problems with this artist's assumptions.

1. Wayne is a billionaire who made his fortune through a) inheritance and b) from his monopolistic corporation.  I thought these two things automatically disqualified him as having a heart in the minds of liberals. Without holding a sign signifying his willingness to support their cause, I suspect Batman is exactly the type of billionaire whose home the far-left protesters would've happily visited this week.

2.  Wayne voluntarily donates his time and money to help people.  In suggesting that Batman wants his taxes raised suggests that he only donates to charity because the government is not doing enough to redistribute his tax dollars.  In turn, this suggests that the fictitious city of Gotham either has a lousy government or that government in general is not a good engine for positive social change.  Instead, we know that Wayne's deceased parents were Gotham's true heroes for the work provided by their corporation and their personal investment in the city.  We also know that it's government corruption which continues to keep the citizens downtrodden, not wealthy people like Wayne.

What do you think?

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