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Has 'Occupy Wall Street' Been Sucked Into a Global Socialist Movement?

"We demand the democratization of the economic system...the guarantee of an unconditional access to income...and the effective and free access to social rights and common wealth."

Based on a well-produced video circulating around the Internet, it appears that Occupy Wall Street is now officially part of a global push towards Socialism.

This video makes connections between the Occupy Wall Street protests and:

Uprisings in Tunsia and Egypt - both countries where a "President" had been ruling those countries for 21 years and 30 years, respectively.

Riots in Greece sparked by talks of austerity and needed financial reforms in reaction to unsustainable social programs.

Do the American protesters want the same things as the people in Tunisia and Egypt demanded? If so, do they realize that means that they want the government removed and replaced?

The 15october.net groupbehind this video makes no bones about what they want. And while it may be too late for the Wall Street protesters to avoid being lumped in with this organization, they should know what the 15october group is really asking for.

Their intentions are posted online for all to see.

Consider just two from their list of five demands:

Faced with this material and existential precarity we demand the democratization of the economic system  and European governance.  This will allow the construction of a new economic model of social welfare based on two aspects: the guarantee of an unconditional access to income (basic income for everybody) and the effective and free access to social rights and common wealth (education, health care, housing, knowledge, environment).

Do the people occupying Wall Street really want -"the guarantee of an unconditional access to income (basic income for everybody) and the effective and free access to social rights and common wealth (education, health care, housing, knowledge, environment)?"

Housing... government housing for all is now part of the Occupy Wall Street demands? Perhaps someone should ask this question of the protesters.

And what of the group's stance on immigration? This organization appears to support the dissolution of all borders - "We demand social, political and citizenship rights for all regardless of whether you have an employment contract or not. We demand the concession of these rights to all migrants living in European countries. We are all migrants. No one is illegal!"

The above was presented at last month's meeting in Barcelona, hence the reference to European countries, but one must believe that they would make a similar demand for amnesty and the acceptance of all people in all countries.

Today at 5pm, the Occupy Wall Street crew moves from its base camp in lower Manhattan to Times Square for what is being called a "mass convergence/party."

So this is a "party?"

Here are the planned events in New York City for the today's "Day Of Actions" (from the group's Facebook page)

Occupy Wall Street's October 15th - Day of Actions have actions targeting banks throughout the day around specific themes: jobs, education, housing, environment, and war. It will culminate with a mass convergence/party at Times Square, 5pm. Thousands will be participating throughout the day. Don't miss Occupy Wall Street's biggest day!

Complete Schedule for Oct. 15th:

11AM - MARCH ON THE BANKS - From Zuccotti to Chase - We will then march to student meet up at Wash. Sq. Park



12PM - ANTI-WAR MARCH AND TEACH-IN - Wall Street And Broadway

12PM - MASS STUDENT GENERAL ASSEMBLY - Washington Square Park - Student meet up and student loan lender bank action

1PM - #SankofaDay - Sponsered by the Malcolm X Grass Roots Movement - Liberty Plaza/Zuccotti Park

3:30PM - ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION AGAINST MOUNTAIN TOP REMOVAL -New York Public Library Main Entrance - 42 and 5th avenue




The day will be filled with protests in cities all around the world. No doubt we will see video of large gatherings from many of these... some will be peaceful and others will feature clashes with police and the typical burning of cars. People pushing for a new world order with global socialism will attempt to tie all of these actions together, while in reality, only a few share the same objectives. In the end, all they really share is the same date.

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