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Jon Stewart Advises Protestors to Mind Their Image


Please don't defecate on cop cars.

On the Daily Show, Jon Stewart marked the one month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street protest yesterday with praise for "thoughtful critiques of the power structure" but reminded the protestors that "it's as much about optics as substance."

Stewart apparently rejects the widespread media narrative that the protestors lack a coherent message. He tried to turn that depiction of the Occupiers on its head last night, and left viewers with the impression that it has been lack of style, not substance, that has hampered the Occupy Wall Street movement.

He was quite impressed with the growth of the movement to over 60 U.S. cities, referring to it as "the Hard Rock Cafe" of leftist movements. And he went after Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for at first dismissing the movement, and later embracing the term "99%."

The main message from Stewart to the Occupiers, though, was to avoid incidents like the infamous protestor cop car defecation that made its way onto the blogosphere and went viral.

Watch the clip for yourself and see Stewart rip Romney and attempt to smooth over some of the rough public relations moments of Occupy Wall Street:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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