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Life-Saving Trade? Docs Reportedly Find Brain Tumor During Player's Routine Physical


"his long-term prognosis both for life and his football career appear to  be good"

A couple days ago, the Detroit Lions and Philadelphia Eagles decided to swap running backs. However, it was voided at the last minute because one player didn't pass the routine pre-trade physical. Now, it seems we've found out who failed and why -- and it could have just saved that player's life.

The Lions' Jerome Harrison was supposed to be an Eagle, but when doctors checked him out, they found he had a brain tumor. That's right, a brain tumor. ESPN has more:

As Philadelphia Eagles doctors were giving newly acquired running back Jerome Harrison his physical, they discovered a brain tumor that nullified a trade with the Detroit Lions, according to two league sources.

The trade might have actually saved Harrison's life, the sources said. Without the deal being made, Harrison would not have undergone a physical. The tumor is now being treated, according to sources.


Harrison is not expected to play again this season, but his long-term prognosis both for life and his football career appear to be good, sources said. He is visiting with more doctors Thursday.

I guess the next time you think something bad is happening to you, remember this story and it might just put things into perspective.

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