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Occupy Protester Scales 36-Foot Wall Near San Jose City Hall -- Refusing to Come Down


"I'm going to stay up here as long as I can."

A protester in San Jose has scaled a 36-foot wall near city hall and is refusing to come down, saying he has the provisions necessary to stay put indefinitely.

Shaun O'Kelly, 27, climbed the wall in the wee hours of Monday morning after police arrested four other protesters and cited one for camping on city property. The San Jose Mercury News has more:

"I'm going to stay up here as long as I can," said O'Kelly, who scaled the wall by standing on a garbage can and grabbing hold onto an overhang. He said he has blankets, garbage bags and food. The wall is about three stories high and five feet wide.

Shaun O'Kelly, 27, seen atop a building near City Hall. He's refusing to come down. (Photo: Lisa Fernandez/San Jose Mercury News)

O'Kelly put up a sign at the top of the wall that reads: "10 idling vehicles, 14 police officers, 4 peaceful protesters. Is your money being spent wisely San Jose?"

O'Kelly, who has reportedly been cited several times during the Occupy San Jose protest, is also holding up a sign that reads: "Stand up for what you believe in" and "No More" on the flip side.'

For now, police have not gone after the man. Still, they're hoping for a peaceful resolution.

"We're hoping he'll come down and we can make contact with him then," police Sgt. Jose Garcia told the Mercury News.

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