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Keith Olbermann Blasts Fox News & Host: A 'Political Whorehouse


Keith Olbermann, in his own inimitable fashion, has ramped up his attacks on Fox News.

During one of his "Worst Person" segments, he took the opportunity to lambast Fox anchors Clayton Morris, Allyson Camerota, and Dave Briggs for a story they did on a mother who reportedly left her children in Florida to join Occupy Wall Street. According to Olbermann, the network is a "political whorehouse."

Among the other criticisms Olbermann had for the "Fox and Friends" hosts were that they were "the B-team to the weekday dingbats" and that they were "astoundingly bad." He was upset that the anchors referred to the mother's action as"disgusting" and that Camerota characterized the mother's behavior as being the result of "a midlife crisis of some sort."

"So she's disgusting, she's having a midlife crisis, she is denying her husband sex and is an unfit mother because she decided to get involved in something political that she believes in?" Olbermann huffed .

He then directed his comments to host Camerota, saying that she has to leave her three children 4 AM to work at the "political whorehouse that is Fox News."

"I don't see anyone suggesting they take her kids away," Olbermann concluded.

Watch the "Worst Person" segment featuring the comment:

It seems that Olbermann has stepped up his attacks lately. Not only did he use the "whorehouse" comment, but last week he attacked Glenn Beck and The Blaze as "helots" because of our story on Texas high school students being assigned the Mexican pledge of allegiance and Mexican national anthem.

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