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Occupy Wall Street-Inspired 'Artist' Hangs Banker Effigy From Miami Telephone Wire


"Give a Wall St. banker enough rope and he will hang himself."

Has the "Occupy" movement's "artistic expressions" gone too far?

A self-proclaimed international graffiti artist dubbed "Above," added an effigy -- clad in what is presumably meant to represent the suit-and-tie dress of a Wall Street investment-type -- to his portfolio. What's more, the effigy is dangling from telephone wire off a stretch of the 1-95 interstate in Miami.

The mannequin was hung near a mural also created by "Above" that reads: "Give a Wall St banker enough rope and he will hang himself." The line was taken from a quote attributed to the father of modern Communism, Karl Marx: "If you give a capitalist enough rope, eventually he will hang himself."

The Daily Mail adds:

'I tried to clothe him and dress him up as if he was what I imiagined a Wall Street banker might wear,' Above said to MailOnline.

He is also holding a briefcase that has a string of what looks like dollar bills.

'It was the cherry on the top of the word play installation,' Above continued.

'It's extremely shocking which is part of the point as well. I think it is really gone too far, but then again I think it's my retaliation to how far Wall St, has gotten in general.

'It is shocking to me when I look at these numbers when I see that one per cent of the people have all of the money,' he continued.

With repeated calls for protesters to remain nonviolent, is "art" like this a good way to inspire peaceful protest?

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