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Web Program Allows You to 'Occupy' Any URL


"...wanted to provide a way for people anywhere online to show their support."

You may be wondering how Occupy Wall Street protesters have made it onto websites like the White House website and Wells Fargo.

Thanks to the website program Occupy The URL anyone can turn any website into an OWS protest.

This can come in handy if there is there not a version of an OWS protest near you. Or if you unwilling to go because of the time, the dropping temperatures or because large crowds make you claustrophobic?

Occupy The URL brings the Occupy protesters into the comfort of your own home and to whatever website you so choose.

As Mashable notes, this function may be slightly unfulfilling for protesters because they aren't really changing the website, but it does create a new live URL of the image of the URL you enter and the OWS protesters superimposed on top. For example, results creates a live URL of Mashable has more:

“We just wanted to provide a way for people anywhere online to show their support,” says Jim Pugh, who created Occupy the URL. “I think there are different sites out there that people would be interested in occupying: Wells Fargo, Bank of America.”

Pugh is the CTO of Rebuild the Dream, an organization launched in June with similar (and similarly vague) goals to Occupy Wall Street. Though he has visited Occupy protests in San Franciso, New York and D.C., the photos featured in the program are pulled from Flickr Creative Commons.

The goal, he says, is to get more people involved in the movement.

If Rebuild the Dream sounds familiar, that's because it's the movement started by Van Jones, former special adviser for green jobs for the White House Council on Environmental Quality who stepped down in 2009 over political controversy. Rebuild the Dream is supported by groups like MoveOn and the Working Families Party, which The Blaze has reported as major players in OWS protests, as well as US Uncut (which has ties to UK Uncut) and Code Pink.

Watch the White House website become populated with protesters:

[youtube expand=1]

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