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Why Are Actors Like Zach Galifianakis & Billy Bob Thorton Hesitant to Endorse Occupy Wall Street?


"I don't know enough about anything to comment on anything."

It's no secret that Hollywood has a liberal streak. In fact, participation in left-of-center politics and causes seems to be a litmus test these days in Tinseltown.

But, as the Occupy Wall Street protests have unfolded, it looks like some in the entertainment industry are being extra careful about just how far they go in supporting the movement.

Take for instance Zach Galifianakis ("The Hang Over II"), who recently said that he joined a drum circle down at Occupy Wall Street (it's unclear whether this was a joke or a reality). Galifianakis definitely seems like he's being careful to strike a balance in how he handles the protests:

"It's very tricky when you have an actor person trying to...uh...unfortunately, people are like, 'Well he's just an actor.' Well, you're allowed to give your opinion, aren't you? But it can backfire sometimes. Sometimes it just seems preachy. You know, I'm here promoting a movie with two cats and an egg..."

While some of this is a bit incoherent, the main point he's making is that celebrities can sometimes be dismissed or seem too preachy when delving into controversial issues.

Billy Bob Thornton, too, has some hesitations. In fact, the actor has been painfully honest in addressing the reasons why he hasn't gotten involved with the Occupy protests:

"Like when they asked Elvis Pressley what he thought about the Vietnam War, he said 'To tell you the truth sir, I'm just an entertainer.' I don't know enough about anything to comment on anything. Honestly...I'm not that bright and not that informed."

Aaron Eckhart, though, tackles his cautiousness from a different perspective. "As an actor, you have to be sensitive to those things, but you also have to be a businessman," he explains. "And so there are considerations...There's nothing wrong with profit if it's earned through hard work and ingenuity and not on the back of another. I see nothing wrong with that. I'm in business. I'm a businessman."

But Eckhart does go on to say, "When you're consumed by it to the point where you have no feelings or compassion for others, have to take a look at yourself." Most people, regardless of support for or against Occupy Wall Street, would agree with this statement. Clearly, he sees the fine balance that needs to be struck between business successes and ethical practices.

Watch these actors discuss Occupy Wall Street, below:

Of course, Susan Sarandon, Kanye West and Russell Simmons, among others, haven't wasted any time in supporting the movement. Oh, and did I mention -- protest supporter Michael Moore doesn't think he's part of the 1 percent? Go figure.

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