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Herman Cain's Ex-Staffers Blast Campaign: 'Terribly Managed


"It was like they were running for sophomore class president.”

Rep. Michelle Bachmann and Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich are given a pass this time. In this instance, Herman Cain is the presidential contender coming under fire by former staff members.

According to ex-staffers, the Herman Cain 2012 campaign is being “terribly managed.” Other complaints include “Cain rarely campaigned and often skipped events at the last minute,” and that the Atlanta businessman “failed to provide supplies as basic as signs,” reports Newser.

In fact, according to some staff members, they've had to purchase basic campaign supplies like signs and bumper stickers with their own money.

“Everything we tried to do was like pulling teeth to get accomplished,” said an ex-Iowa staffer. “It was like they were running for sophomore class president.”

“It was frustrating because we couldn’t get him here,” another Iowa worker complained, adding, “We couldn’t even get our own email addresses.”

Another staffer said he quit after receiving a memo forbidding staff driving with Cain from speaking unless the presidential candidate spoke first. Cain’s former Tennessee financial chairman, meanwhile, recalls an incident in which Cain simply forgot to show up to fundraiser where supporters were prepared to donate up to $2,500 each, reports Newser.

“I thought, wow, good communication there,” he says, though he adds, “This is his first rodeo, so people make mistakes.”

Of course, Cain's current staff is defending him.

“He can’t be everywhere at once, but we are doing everything we can as best we can,” said Mr. Gordon, a spokesman for the Cain campaign, in the Times article.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the majority of this widely-circulating report was provided by The New York Times and it comes on the heels of former Bush White House Adviser Karl Rove declaring that Cain’s campaign was at its end.

The report may reflect real dysfunction in the Cain camp or, as Cain himself says, it could just be "a deliberate attempt" to destroy his campaign.

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