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NYPD Police Union Warns Protesters: We'll Sue You if You Injure Officers


"place these so-called ‘occupiers’ on notice."

An Occupy Wall Street protester tackles a police officer during a clash in New York's Zucotti Park earlier this month. (AP)

A police union said Thursday it will pursue legal action against any Occupy Wall Street protester who injures any of its members.

Ed Mullins, president of the NYPD's Sergeant’s Benevolent Association, said he's directed his organization's attorneys to seek "the harshest possible civil sanctions -- including monetary damages -- against any individual protester who causes injury to my members."

“In light of the growing violence attendant to the Occupy movements across the country, particularly as evidenced by the recent events in Oakland, I am compelled to place these so-called occupiers on notice that physical assaults on police officers will not be tolerated," Mullins told the New York Post.

The announcement comes one day after an Iraq War veteran suffered a skull fracture after being hit with an apparent police projectile during a riot at an Occupy Oakland protest. Police officers involved in quelling the demonstration are now under investigation.

Any "assault on a police officer is not only punishable as a felony in the State of New York, but will also be met with swift and certain legal action by the SBA, which will seek monetary damages against any individual who causes injury to a New York City sergeant,” he said.

Mullins said more than 20 officers have been injured during the course of the Wall Street protests, now in their sixth week since kicking off Sept. 17.

"Protesters are not immunized from civil liability merely because their victims are wearing the uniform of the New York City Police Department," he said.

(h/t Politicker NY)

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