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Tea Party blamed for ‘shoot a cop’ fliers

A protester is forcibly removed from Jamison Park in Portland, Ore., early Sunday, Oct. 30, 2011. (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

Well this was predictable. And I predicted it.

The Tea Party is now being accused of planting anarchist fliers at the Occupy Phoenix rally, encouraging demonstrators to think about when using lethal force against police officers is acceptable:

Any person can attend and drop off fliers at the parks at Occupy events, and indeed TEA party members and Jon Justice fans are attending also. Who are the ones more likely to be carrying guns and ready to shoot, the NRA members or the lazy liberal hippies who “need to take a shower?”

It could have been anyone that could have dropped off the literature, but it is more than likely not from the nonviolent civil disobedience group, the progressives and “hippies” that are not fighting the police, but getting arrested for their beliefs.

I wonder how different the OccupyOakland events of last week would have been if the OPD were pepper-spraying and shooting at an armed TEA Party rally? Would the cops have even shot at them if they knew they would be shot back?

Uh, when did the police ever feel like they might have to use force against rowdy tea partiers?  These unwashed hippies praise themselves for their "peaceful" ways, but they really could learn a thing or two about that from the tea party.

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