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Environmentalist Children's Book Author Also Happens to Be...a Serial Killer?


He wrote about polluted water under the alterate identity of a "reclusive" woman named "J.D."

Just when you thought you've heard everything...it gets infinitely more bizarre.

As it turns out, environmentalist children's book author J.D. Bauer -- once described as a "reclusive" woman -- is in fact a man by the name of Charles Kembo. But, that's not really the bad part. No, the bad part is that Kembo is a convicted serial killer.

You read that correctly: serial killer.

The Canadian environmental activist who wrote the book, "The Trinity of Superkidds: Quest for Water" is, according to the The Province, currently serving time in prison for murdering his wife, mistress, friend, and stepdaughter.

In his own words, "Quest for Water" is a story of, "teenage heroes gifted with a variety of exotic superpowers which they use to inspire, raise awareness and vanquish water waste and pollution in a fun, fast-paced adventure."

What's more, "J.D. Bauer" even has a Facebook page with nearly 4,000 "Likes."

Jezebel adds:

The book has sold impressively well, with all proceeds apparently going to the World Food Programme. Along with it, Kembo created the identity of Bauer, a female author who has a Facebook page and even gave interviews. In one interview with Suite101, "Bauer" said:

"TSK book series is a product of sheer desperation. Since 1966, Canada has had laws against water pollution. Internationally, most governments have weaker laws against water pollution. And those with tough laws, enforcement is an issue. Result? Water pollution galore. Solution? Get youth involved in the TSK crusade to conserve water and find its pollution. I hope the Superkidds become exceptional role models, better yet, a powerhouse of inspiration to youth today."

In another, "she" explained her "reclusive" reputation thus:

My family have been a subject of extortion for a number of years. Lately, I have received threats on my life from some fanatical groups. I pulled off my profile photo online for safety reasons after being advised to do so by my lawyers and the police. How are death threats fair to writers?

"Death threats" and "role models?" Perhaps terms not best used by a convicted serial killer.

Odd when one has greater concern for the environment than human life. Even more disturbing is when that person is given a platform with which to shape children's impressionable minds.

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