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Eminent Domain Brings Segregation To OWS's Zuccotti Park


Has Segregation come to Occupy Wall Street? Yes... sleeping segregation.

The latest changes happening in Zuccotti Park may be a "canary indicator" - an early warning sign of what the people behind this movement would like to happen to America and the world.

Those who claim to represent "the 99%" and are waging class warfare against the "1%" they mock for living in gated communities, appear to be creating their own "gated" community... as in segregated.

Reports out of lower Manhattan's Zuccotti Park say that plans are in the works for many individual tents to be removed and  for the installation of "group housing" with restrictions on who can sleep in these tents.

It started on Friday. The OWS version of "eminent domain" was on display as single tents occupied by lone protesters were taken down and a large, group tent, designated for women only, was raised. At least one resident was not pleased about being evicted without notice.

The governing council of OWS apparently decided that the recent spate of reported rapes, sexual assaults and fighting in Occupy Wall Street's Zuccotti Park warranted  prompt action. And so, individual tents were moved and the giant tent (seen below) will be a "safe house" where female protesters can sleep was erected.

Ironically, one of the women who came forward with her story of unwanted sexual advances in the park, thinks it is a good idea, but she's not planning on using it. Kara Demtropoulous told the New York Post;

“I feel safe in my tent, but I bet this will help a lot of other women feel a lot safer than they have been.”

The ladies-only tent is only the beginning. There is also talk of more specialized sleeping areas coming to Zuccotti Park. Plans are apparently in the works to raise tents for:

  • Gay Protesters
  • Transgendered Protesters
  • Married Protesters
  • Medical Care

We are told that the new women-only tent will also be protected by an all-female security force. Does this mean that the Gay tent will have an all-gay group guarding them, and transgendered people will need to have transgendered guards?

The OWS movement appears to be trying to create a more formal "collective" inside the 33,000 square foot park they current occupy. The "women's safety" issue was used in order to push this agenda. The reports of two rapes and more sexual assaults was the reason given for the immediate need to build women's tent, and nobody can argue against protecting women, but why is there a need for a gay, transgendered or married tent?  Have there been any reports of attacks on gay or transgendered people?  We have not seen any, such action. And which married couples are going to want to share a tent with 16 other people?

This push to create multiple segregated sleeping areas does not seem to make sense, unless you are trying to create a Socialist Collective where the leaders decide how to distribute the resources among the people. The "organizers" are pushing people into higher density living areas and removing the individual tents (and ultimately individual property rights).

This is right out of the Agenda 21 playbook.
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