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Human Shields: D.C. Occupiers Who Used Children to Block Door Also Used Them to Block...Traffic?


They seem to think the behavior is O.K.


Since the Occupy protests began, reports of demonstrators placing themselves and even their small children in harm's way have surfaced near-daily.  First, The Blaze brought you a video from MRCTV on Saturday showing a group of Occupiers fight with convention center security guards at a D.C. Metro station while trying to block the convention center's doorway with small children.

Now, the same children who, earlier that night had been used to blockade the door, were again used -- this time to block traffic.  MRCTV  recently released the following video showing the children were part of a larger human barricade placed directly in front of a vehicle. While it is late at night, the child can be seen sitting in what appears to be the same toy-wagon that was featured in the original video:

For reference, the original video from the convention center scuffle is featured below. One of the Occupiers said that since the children are hers, the action was justifiable. Meanwhile, other demonstrators seemed to think that using children as human shields is permissible simply because they are the "99%."

This post has been updated. The featured image depicts the same child at an earlier Occupy DC traffic-protest on November 2nd.  

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