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U.K. Woman's Giant Amputated Leg Begins to Grow Back!


"I don't mind children staring, but adults should know better."

Mandy Sellars from the waist up may be a size 12, due to a rare condition, from the waist down she is three times her normal size. When one of her legs became infected, threatening her life, she had it amputated. And now, it's beginning to grow back.

According to the Daily Mirror, just 22 months after the operation, Sellars leg is growing back very fast, already weighing 42 pounds and measuring 1 meter around:

Mandy said: “I hoped the amputation would stabilise my condition but I think I knew in my heart that it would start growing again.

“Almost straight away the stump began increasing in circumference and I was finding it harder to fit it into my prosthetic leg.

“Then the stump got so heavy that it broke the prosthetic leg.”

The Daily Mail reports that Sellars syndrome is similar to Proteus syndrome, which can cause overgrowth of skin, bones, muscle and other tissues. With both legs at full size, Sellars weighed 224 pounds, according to the Daily Mail, and comments from onlookers can be hurtful:

"In a restaurant one blurted out, "look at the size of those feet".

"I don't mind children staring, but adults should know better."

For now, Sellars told the Mirror that she' just living day to day and trying to maintain her independence by being mobile.

Watch this report from early this year about Mandy's story:

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