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See the Top 5 Moments From the EAS System's Failed National Test


Static and distortion sprinkled with Lady Gaga.

On Wednesday, we reported that the national Emergency Alert System test was far from a success. There were problems reported all across the country, from garbled messages to even pop singer Lady Gaga playing on some sets. Well now, thanks to Clip Syndicate and YouTube, we have the top five moments from the failed test. The first four are in the initial video below, while Lady Gaga belting out her tune is in the latter video.

Here's how Clip Syndicate describes its compilation:

Snippets of Emergency Alert System test as it appeared on television in Montana, San Francisco, New York and Denver. One news anchor quipped that the audio-less test didn't seem to work correctly. A Critical Mention sampling of stations failed to detect Lady Gaga in the background audio, but there was plenty of static and distortion.

[youtube expand=1]

And here is the now-infamous DirecTV flub where Lady Gaga was broadcast:

[youtube expand=1]

But those weren't the only problems:

During the test, a number of glitches showed up ranging from blank television screens, dead radio air and inexplicable broadcasts. News reports an online blogs said some DirectTV customers said they heard Lady Gaga's “Paparazzi” play during the test interval. Some Comcast subscribers saw their cable boxes turn to QVC before the alert and Time Warner Cable customers in New York said they didn’t see any alert at all.

Officials have since tried to downplay the mistakes.

For more information, check out our earlier report on the botched test.

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