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Round 7: GOP debate on the surface


Two debates in four days might be too much. But I've got you covered. It was the seventh debate of the fall season. Here are the itty bitties:

Americans generally don't care about foreign news. And this debate, hosted by CBS and the "National Journal," reminds us why: Zzzzz...

1. The set for the debate looked like it was put together with a backdrop printed last-minute at Fed-Ex and then shot in the basement of a Home Depot.

2. Who won? You'd have to ask a foreign policy expert. At the least, Ron Paul should have shined, given his philosophy on the issue is most distinguished from the rest of the field. He didn't.

3. Rick Perry seemed to finish the final phase of his recovery from his Porkey Pig moment from the debate on Wednesday. He joked about it some more. But he might have joked too much. There comes a point where referencing a blunder simply starts serving as a reminder of your weakness.

4. We can breathe easy. Mitt Romney cemented those hairs-gone-wild from Wednesday back into place. They'll never move again after the steam treatment he's sure to have given them.

5. In an attempt to convey commander-in-chiefness, Michele Bachmann pulled her hair back in a bun tighter than Vice President Joe Biden's eyelids. She also wore a militant black blazer.

6. This debate may have marked the first time Perry acknowledged Newt Gingrich's candidacy. He complimented the former Speaker on one of his answers. That might have something to do with Gingrich's sudden surge this week to the top tier.

7. Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum? They're still there.

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