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Meet the Wall St. Businessmen Who Stood Up to the Protesters: 'Occupy a Desk!


"They were coming after us..."

Thursday, Blaze writer Mike Opelka snapped a picture of two Wall St. businessmen staging counter-protest against the Occupiers. They had neon green signs that said "Occupy a Desk!" and "Get a Job."

So who are these guys? Well now we know: they're two brothers named Derek and John Tabacco, and they own a small business. They're also fed up with the protests.

"We got a bunch of small business owners together...and we thought that 'hey, any good occupation couldn't be ended without some resistance,'" John told Fox News, adding that there was a coalition of about 50 small business owners who are part of his movement.

"They were coming after us , they were screaming at us, trying to get in our face, putting their hands on us," he said. He also identified with the "53%" -- the group that pays taxes that the other 47% doesn't -- and said the "silent majority" was giving them the thumbs up during their counter-protest.

You can watch Johhn's interview with Fox below:

The brothers, however, didn't just sit down with Fox. The budding stars also agreed to an interview with Mediaite and explained more in-depth what they're about and what hinted at some future plans:

Mediaite sat down with Derek and John Thursday afternoon, and the brothers explained why they were doing this, how they actually wouldn’t mind helping the OWS crowd with their organization, and what the experience was like being the first real anti-OWS protesters. To be clear, the duo isn’t against the movement — a point they made several times. They instead are against the protest, which they say has been a burden and eyesore on their neighborhood, as well as on small businesses in lower Manhattan. They hinted at some really creative, smart ideas that they have planned over the next couple weeks to rally support against the crowds.

That interview is here:

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