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Oops: Secret Obama Security Document Found Lying in the Street


"not to be communicated either directly or indirectly to any person not authorized to receive it."

Image source: Sydney Morning Herald

A secret document detailing the logistics of President Barack Obama's trip to Australia was discovered lying in the street near Australia's Parliament House Thursday, an embarrassing and potentially dangerous security breach.

A reporter with the Sydney Morning Herald said he found it near a gutter while Obama was still in Australia for his visit.

The Herald provided this description of the 125-page document, titled "State Visit to Australia -- Overall Program and Orders of Arrangements":

The 125-page booklet is classified ''in confidence'' and its cover states its content ''is not to be communicated either directly or indirectly to any person not authorised to receive it''.

More than 120 pages are dedicated to minute by minute descriptions of Mr Obama's schedule, and even describe which limousine door the President will enter and exit.


It also lists the seating arrangements for the presidential motorcade. It gives a breakdown of Mr Obama's secret service presidential protective division, including its ''counter-assault teams'', a ''comms vehicle'', an ''intel car'' and the ''hammer truck''. Hammer stands for ''hazardous agent mitigation medical emergency response''.

The document also reportedly contained phone numbers for dozens of U.S. and Australian military and civilian staff, including the U.S. deputy ambassador and three U.S. consuls-general.

Security analyst Alan Dupont told the Herald that in the wrong hands, the book could certainly put Obama and his staff at risk.

''It could be exploited down the track because it's got all sorts of numbers in it," he said. "And if you are somebody who could exploit that or sell it to someone who could exploit, that could be serious because you could listen into the telephone calls of people who are very senior.''

The Secret Service has not yet issued an official response on the breach.

Last month, a truck carrying Obama's teleprompter, podiums and other equipment was stolen in Virginia, though the Department of Defense said it did not contain any classified or sensitive material.

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