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See Santorum's Moving Pro-Life Testimonial That Caused Him to Break Down


"I'll never forget seeing her...not being able to breathe."

This weekend, we noted Rick Santorum's tearful story about his daughter. Now, we have the video. And if you want to see a genuine moment during a campaign season often dominated by talking points, you'll want to see it.

Saturday night at the Iowa "Thanksgiving Family Forum," GOP presidential candidates were given a chance to discuss several social issues including health care and abortion.

Naturally, Rick Santorum had a lot to say on abortion.

The former Pennsylvania Senator has been so deeply involved in the pro-life movement that he had been described as "a true champion for life and an unwavering defender of our most vulnerable citizens."

And there is a reason he opposes abortion.

When given the chance at the forum, he took the opportunity to explain why he calls himself pro-life.

Here's his story of his youngest daughter Isabella who suffers with Trisonomy-18, a serious chromosomal defect:

As Business Insider put it:

Rick Santorum has become something like a punching-bag for his cultural views.

But it is impossible not to have sympathy for someone whose views on life and death were formed by an experience like this.

(h/t Business Insider)

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