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It begins: DNC ads target Romney

It begins: DNC ads target Romney

Some things never get old. And by "some things" we mean Democrat strategery.

Check out the new hit pieces on Mitt Romney:


As National Review's Katrina Trinko points out:

I’m skeptical about some of these “flip-flops” in this longer DNC video; for instance, Romney has been consistent on believing that we don’t know much about global warming, but that humans probably contribute something to it. It would be helpful to have more context for some of these quotes, to see what precisely Romney was arguing.

She may have a point. The quotes are out of context, and by only playing a snippet of what Romney was saying, it is difficult to see the difference between these ads and a Michael Moore "film."

Nevertheless, there have been times where Romney has "flip-flopped" on campaign issues  (see his earlier support for NARAL that has since been replaced with strong pro-life position).

But Romney could have also legitimately changed his mind. Maybe he is actually a staunch pro-life candidate. Wouldn't that be something?

And wouldn't his "flip-flopping" on things such as global warming and abortion still be preferable to a "Petulant, Self-Absorbed, Egoistic Little Man-Child" who has consistently advocated/endorsed/initiated nothing but disastrous policies for the entirety of his presidency?

Does the DNC really want to get into a smear campaign based on policy positions?

This should be fun.

Exit questions:

  1. Will Romney fight back or will he play nice like John "My Running Mate is the Only Reason People are Voting for me" McCain?
  2. Is this what the "new civility" is supposed to look like? (Editor's note: No, I will never grow tired of mocking the left for attempting to profit from the Gabby Giffords shooting.)

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