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Questlove Surprised to Have Received Hate Mail After Introducing Bachmann as a 'Lyin' Ass Bit**


The leader of the Grammy award-winning hip hop/Jimmy Fallon house band The Roots says he never thought introducing GOP presidential candidate Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann to a song entitled "Lyin' Ass Bit**" would cause so much reaction. Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson tells Pitchfork  that he didn't think about "how it could be perceived as a misogynist swipe" and had forgotten that "bit**" was in the title.

"I was really just going with her whole revisionist history angle, I wasn't calling it out on her being a woman," Questlove told the indie music website, which chose to link his quote to a video posted by The Daily Beast.

The drummer goes on to tell Pitchfork that he has received hate mail since the swipe, and does not think the "joke" was worth it:

"I've seen some really colorful epithets in the past four days, but 'nigger fuckhead ghetto stick' is probably the one that takes the cake. I'm still trying to get my head around that one. Blocking 3,500 tea party extremists [on Twitter] in a three day period is no fun, especially when you're a drummer dangerously close to carpal tunnel. In the end, was it worth it? Absolutely not."

The Late Night Host Jimmy Fallon apologized about the stunt that the house band pulled the next day, and an NBC executive sent Bachmann a letter, writing that the incident "was not only unfortunate but also unacceptable." A spokesman for Bachmann said that the executive offered his sincerest apologies and claimed that the band had been "severely reprimanded."

It is unclear what, if any, punishment the band received for the prank.

Questlove has not apologized for the insult, and has only said that the song was a “tongue-in-cheek and spur-of-the-moment decision.”

However, the drummer boasted about the stunt on Twitter both before and after the performance.


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