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Jimmy Fallon: 'I Was Embarrassed' By the 'Lyin' Ass Bit**' Bachmann Scandal


"I wanted it to go away."

The dust has finally settled on the mini-firestorm that was "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" versus Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann. Fallon, who remained relatively silent during the recent drama that unfolded, is speaking out and expressing his embarrassment over the entire debacle.

As you'll recall, house band The Roots played the song "Lyin' Ass Bit**' when Bachmann walked out for a recent appearance on Fallon's show. What followed was a back and forth that culminated in a series of apologies to the Minnesota congresswoman.

While Fallon didn't say much in the days following Bachmann's appearance, he did send a goodwill tweet immediately following the uproar. In it, he expressed how thankful he was that she appeared on the program:

On Monday evening, Fallon followed up on the tweet and told "Rock Center" host Brian Williams that he's not proud of what occurred on the show. He went into detail, saying that he wished the incident would "go away." When asked by Williams if Bachmann was right to claim that First Lady Michelle Obama would never be treated in the same manner, Fallon said:

"I guess so? Sure? I don't think anyone... If it's Brian Williams on our show, he should not be treated like that. I was embarrassed by that, and I wanted it to go away. I called her numerous times to apologize and then I didn't hear back from her that day, so then I talked to her the next day and she said, [adopts Bachmann voice] 'I had a kick on your show. I had a kick on your show. I just don't know why [Roots bandleader] Questlove played [that song].' I said, 'I'm so sorry, and he'll call and apologize. He's been yelled at by his mother.' ... He felt bad, he felt really bad."

Below, watch Fallon's comments on "Rock Center":

Directly following the incident, Questlove (of The Roots) bragged about it and was overtly proud of his actions. He has since changed his mind and admitted that sending the tweet wasn't worth it. An NBC executive also apologized to Bachmann following the incident.

(H/T: Huffington Post)

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