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Beck Delivers Emotional Christmas Message: 'God is Crying Out to Us


"It’s not a ‘Holiday Tree.’ It’s a Christmas tree."

“It’s hard to believe we’re twelve days away from Christmas,” said Glenn Beck Tuesday night on GBTV. It was an entire show devoted to Christmas. A show in which he defended the "Christmas" tree as well as talked about the "transformative power" of Jesus.

“Maybe it’s just me, but Christmas doesn’t feel the same as it did when I was a kid,” he began.

“Maybe it’s because of the Black Friday shoppers that we showed you, worse than ever before,” Beck said in reference to recent viral videos of shoppers scuffling during retailer’s biggest sale day. “A video of people fighting over a waffle iron, toasters. ‘Give it to me! It’s mine!’”

He continued:

Maybe it’s the story after story about teen mobs that are selling their souls for literally a candy bar or an energy drink or a bag of chips. And others committing threatening and horrible acts of violence on our streets.

Maybe Christmas doesn’t feel the same because, in spite of the fact that the economy is already suffering--and there are no real signs of it improving, globally especially--as I walked up the streets this weekend here in New York City, it was lined with shoppers waiting in line to just go buy more stuff.

And I--I found myself, almost gridlocked in a sea of people this weekend. And I just wanted to grab people and say, "What’s wrong with you?"

“Maybe, maybe I’ve just reached my boiling point on how many years I can tolerate this,” said Beck pointing to an image of Christmas tree, “being called a ‘Holiday tree.’ It’s not a ‘Holiday tree.’ It’s a Christmas tree. That’s just what it is. I don’t mean any offense, that just is a Christmas tree. The lights on it symbolize that Jesus Christ is the way and the truth and the light. That’s what it means,” Beck explained.

“It’s not ‘happy winter everybody!’ It’s Christmas.”

Watch Glenn Beck explain the real reason we celebrate Christmas and why now, more than ever, we should take time to reflect on this precious and holy day (via GBTV):

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