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See NBC's Chuck Todd Flip 'the Bird' on Live Television


"Was a joke with someone on other side."

MSNBC's "Morning Joe" has been a hotbed for live TV controversy. Earlier in the year, commentator Mark Halperin was suspended for calling the president a "dick," and earlier this month, Ann Coulter was "bleeped" out when she used the word "dickweed." But those comments may have been trumped this morning when NBC politics guru Chuck Todd said so much without even opening his mouth. That's because the cameras caught him flipping someone the middle finger.

Newsbusters explains:

On Morning Joe today, Chuck Todd was seen flipping the bird as the show went to break and he waited to come onto the set. Hat tip reader Ray R.  In defense of the NBC political director, he might have been operating under the assumption that his off-set antics would not be televised.

Here's the video:

He quickly tweeted out this apology:

It remains to be seen if he will suffer any consequences.

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