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Limbaugh Rips Obama's View of America: 'Thinks of It as Criminal, Guilty


"Don't believe... Republicans only have one person who can beat him."

Rush Limbaugh let it rip at Barack Obama's policies and gave a scathing assessment of the President's view of America in this interview Wednesday night with Greta Van Susteren.

Rush said that "Obama is his policies, obama is the problem, obama has a vision for this country that is not held by anywhere near a majority of the american people."

In Rush's analysis, if Obama had campaigned on what he has done during his time in office, he would have gotten around 30% of the national vote.

Of course, Limbaugh singled out Obamacare for particular criticism, which he called "dangerous and destructive."

If Obama wins reelection, Rush believes "the country is going to change forever"and there will be a "massive loss of individual liberty and freedom... national single payer healthcare is where this is headed."

Rush also said that "Obama has a chip on his shoulder about the country... thinks of it as criminal, guilty in many ways...its superpower status the result of theft."

On the public perception of President Obama, Rush rejected many of the prevailing sentiments of the mainstream media. He said we have been "living under a number of assumptions about obama-- one of them is that he is brilliant, he is messianic"-- and both of those, in Limbaugh's opinion, are false.

As for the way ahead in 2012, Rush has very ominous predictions of a highly negative and divisive Obama campaign. "All obama can do is run a negative campaign," Rush said "tear apart his opponent and country."

But there was some light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps most importantly given that the GOP primary season is about to kick off, Rush weighed in on the field of candidates and said: "I Don't believe... Republicans only have one person who can beat him."

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