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Super Tense Moment' Occurs When Jon Corzine Is Served Papers During His Hearing Recess


Defiant or tone-deaf?

The headline says it all.

Do we know the nature of the papers being served?

"Apparently, the papers were a lawsuit filed by Sapere CTA, a firm that has over $95 million locked up at MF Global," reports Business Insider. "CNBC's Taushe said there were over 20 other MF Global execs listed on the suit."

See for yourself how the former New Jersey governor, senator and top Obama fundraiser reacts to the situation.

Exit Question: Does Corzine fully grasp how disliked he is in many corners? Furthermore, does he understand that many, many people suspect he knows what happened to the missing $1.2 billion? If he does, he certainly isn't acting like it. His lawyer might do him a favor and suggest that he act a little more penitential and a little less defiant.

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