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MN State Senate GOP Leader Resigns Over Alleged 'Inappropriate Relationship'


Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch resigned from her leadership position Thursday and announced that she would not seek reelection. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports Saturday that Koch's resignation came a day after a confrontation from fellow Republicans regarding allegations that she had an "inappropriate relationship" with a suborniate staff member.  KARE 11 on the "bombshell" resignation:

Koch is the state's first female majority leader, and had led Republicans last year to win control of the State Senate for the first time in four decades.

"We're here today with a lot of humility and some sadness and even shock," interim Senate Majority Leader Geoff Michel said Friday. The Star Tribune reports that Michel and others have refused to identify the staffer involved in the scandal by name. Fellow Republican senators address Koch about the allegations Wednesday night after several staffers had approached leadership over the past two weeks about the "inappropriate relationship."

"Her response to the conversation was ...'I think I need to consider resigning,' " said Assistant Senate Majority Leader David Hann to the Star Tribune.

Michel says he had received an email sent to staff and senators late Friday afternoon from the Secretary of the Senate indicating that former spokesman and chief aide to Koch, Michael Brodkorb, was no longer employed by the Minnesotta Senate. The Secretary of the Senate has not confirmed whether Brodkorb resigned, was laid off or was fired.

Koch, 40, is married and has a teenage daughter. During an interview with the Star Tribune the day she resigned, Koch gave no indication of scandal and said her decision was "about me looking to the next option."

"It's public service and it is not supposed to be forever."

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