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See Bob Beckel & Eric Bolling Tebowing at Fox's 'The Five' Christmas Party


Bonus: Watch Beckel describe hitting on Bolling's wife.

The cast of Fox News' "The Five" apparently had a blast at this year's Christmas party. On Thursday, the hosts shared details about their celebrations, while giggling about some of the wackiest and most memorable moments from the festivities -- including a random incidence of "Tebowing" (we've been covering Tim Tebow and the Tebowing controversy for quite some time now).

The group shared pictures with viewers and even delved into some personal, behind-the-scenes stories. Among the antics that unfolded at the party, one of the most notable is the fact that hosts Bob Beckel and Eric Bolling "Tebowed."

In fact, in the below clip (around 2:50), you'll see the two doing just that:

We'll let you sift through the stories and information in the video for yourself, but there is one other tale worth noting. According to the cast, Beckel once hit (accidentally) on Bollings wife at the Fox News studios. It's an entertaining story and one worth checking out (around 2:10 in the above video).

(H/T: Fox News Insider)

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