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Teen Musician Leaves Violin Worth $172,000 on Megabus



The question isn't how do you spell relief, but rather what does relief sound like?

A rare violin worth $172,000 that was mistakenly left onboard a Boston-to-Philadelphia bus by a groggy music student from Taiwan has been found and returned to its grateful owner.

The young musician who lost her invaluable violin on a Megabus on Tuesday allowed her fingers to reflect her gratitude after her violin was returned.



Muchen Hsieh put on a short performance at the 18th District police station in West Philadelphia after being reunited with her prized possession.  She says a Taiwanese culture foundation lent her the violin for her studies at the New England Conservatory in Boston.  It was made in 1835 by Vincenzo Jorio in Naples.




Boston Globe:

“Italian violins are worth more than non-Italian violins,’’ said Christopher Reuning, president of Reuning & Son Violins in Boston’s South End.

The most valuable are those made by Antonio Stradivari and the Guarneri family, both from Cremona, Italy, which can sell for up to $16 million, he said.

Ellen Pfeifer, spokeswoman for the conservatory, said it is not unusual for students to have valuable instruments.

“Most of our string players, whether violinists, cellists, or violists, have pretty expensive, old, rare instruments,’’ Pfeifer said. “They frequently get them on loan from wealthy foundations.’’

She recalled an occasion when Yo-Yo Ma, a world-renowned musician, left his cello in a cab.

“He got it back,’’ Pfeifer said.


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