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Want to let the president know what you think of his million dollar Hawaiian vacation? Now you can


As anyone who follows the Drudge Report, Hotair (or “Hot Gas” if you’re Gov. Rick Perry), or The Blaze knows, President Obama’s Hawaiian vacation will cost the American taxpayer quite a chunk of change.

Understandably, some Americans are bothered by the his decision to take such a costly vacation during these economically unstable times.

Perhaps because this irritation is so sharply felt, people are finding new and different ways to vent their frustration. One such outlet is a website called Wasted in Hawaii: President Obama’s Hawaiian Binge. The website includes information on the cost of president's trip as well as an interactive tool that allows users to send messages to the president's @BarackObama Twitter handle.

“A leader is supposed to suffer with the people he serves, but Obama doesn't seem to understand that principle. He could go to Camp David or his million-dollar home in Chicago, and show solidarity with the rest of us who made sacrifices,” writes Tyler Ament, the website’s creator, to The Blaze in an email.

Indeed. Maybe what's most annoying to Americans is the fact that the president takes these expensive vacations after he tells them they've “gotten lazy” and that they need to make a “shared sacrifice.”

Who's the "we" in the "we've gotten lazy"?

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a little vacation. Some people deserve the time off. But perhaps it's a little difficult for those who are unemployed, struggling to find work and/or have lost their homes to justify the price tag on the president’s "me time."

And maybe websites like Wasted in Hawaii can serve as a type of political watchdog for these kind of junkets; a constant reminder of what this is costing us.

“[Most] Americans fail to understand how much money $4 million dollars really is, and therefore allow the President to get away with waste and hypocrisy,” Ament writes. "Just the other day, the Obama administration said that $40 is no small amount, yet the President is spending that amount every 15 seconds on his Hawaii trip [emphasis added].”

Exit question: Were there any other reasons—other than the hypocrisy—that prompted Ament to set up this website?

“I wanted to address these issues through humor. We can tend to get too negative and caught up in rhetoric, so I figured that a little fun could reach people's hearts, and help them grasp just how wasteful and reckless our President is being,” writes Ament.

You can find the website here.

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