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Blind Love? Meet the Blind Pug That Has Her Own Seeing-Eye Dog


"He looks out for her and provides support while guiding her on walks..."

It may make you laugh, and may even jerk some tears coming out out of the holiday season, but this pair of pugs is sure to warm you heart. White-coated blind pug Elly was found by U.K. rescuers who have noticed that she relies on dark-coated pal Franky, who willingly leads her everywhere from walks to water to finding food.

While the two 4-year-old pugs make a cute pair, the BBC reports that their special relationship poses a challenge for rescue workers trying to find a home for the pair. Elly and Franky were found in poor conditions and have since been nursed back to health by vets who hope someone will come forward prepared to house them together.

"Franky is extremely boisterous and playful and Elly is very affectionate and cuddly," RSPCA Manager in New Port, South Wales, Elaine Buchan tells The Daily Mail. "He looks out for her and provides support while guiding her on walks or to food or water."

Both dogs need operations before they can be adopted, but vets are confident that the dogs will be a delight to anyone willing to take them in.

If a pair like that doesn't make you smile, what will?

You know what they say: Love is blind.

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