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Paul Tells Radio Caller: I Wrote a 'Certain Portion' of Controversial Newsletters


"But I was not an editor. I'm like a publisher."

The saga of Ron Paul and his old, controversial newsletters (read up on them here) just got another chapter. During a radio interview on Thursday, Paul grappled with a caller and admitted that he did, in fact, write a portion of the newsletters he has recently disavowed.

The caller, a listener to WHO-AM RADIO in Iowa, asked Paul, "How confident were you at the time that the newsletters that bore your name were representative of your views on taxes, on monetary policy, the Second Amendment, the Tenth Amendment, all the things that you hold dear?"

Paul then launched into a lengthy explanation, in which he admitted he wrote a "certain portion" of them but not the controversial parts:

"Well, the newsletters were written, you know, a long time ago. And I wrote a certain portion of them. I would write the economics. So a lot of what you just mentioned... his would be material that I would turn in, and it would become part of the letter. But there were many times when I didn't edit the whole letter, and things got put in. And I didn't even really become aware of the details of that until many years later when somebody else called and said, you know what was in it? But these were sentences that were put in, a total of eight or ten sentences, and it was bad stuff. It wasn't a reflection of my views at all. So it got in the letter, I thought it was terrible, it was tragic, you know and I had some responsibility for it, because name went on the letter. But I was not an editor. I'm like a publisher.

He went on to say the sections in question were "probably ten sentences out of 10,000 pages, for all I know," and "disavowed all these views."

Still, the caller wasn't done. He challenged Paul on some of the "conspiracies" in the newsletters, such as the $50 was going to be made pink and could track citizens.

Paul's response: "The paper money now is pink, you know?"

You can watch the exchange below, courtesy of Fox Nation:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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