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O'Reilly Breaks Down Iowa Caucuses, Says Obama Would Beat 'Outlandish' Paul Like Barry Goldwater -- 'By a Colossal Margin


He has sponsored 620 pieces of legislation and only one has been signed into law.

Back from vacation, Bill O’Reilly dedicated Monday's Talking Points Memo to the GOP field currently making its way through Iowa and delivered his predictions on how each of the candidates will fare in Tuesday's caucuses. While "The Factor" host said he believes Rep. Ron Paul will do well and perhaps even claim a victory in tomorrow's showdown, he is certain the Texas congressman will not claim the ultimate Republican nomination because his positions are "too outlandish" and President Obama "would beat Mr. Paul by a colossal margin."

"Hello, Barry Goldwater,” O'Reilly then quipped.

O'Reilly went on to paint a grim picture of Paul, stating, “he has spent 23 years in Congress and only one of his proposed bills have been signed into law," adding, “Mr. Paul has sponsored 620 pieces of legislation.”

In addition to breaking down the chances of each Republican hopeful, O’Reilly also extended an invitation to Rick Santorum, addressing the former senator's recent suggestion that the Fox host had purposely been snubbing him.

O'Reilly, who claims he had yet to invite Santorum on his program due to the candidate's previously low polling numbers, stated, "we tend to avoid campaign segments unless there’s a media controversy.” Now that Santorum is performing better in the polls, O'Reilly said, “we have invited Rick Santorum to appear on Wednesday.”

Fox News Insider  adds:

While O’Reilly said that he expects Romney to do well in Iowa, he doesn’t believe that Newt Gingrich will finish within the top three. [...]

O’Reilly ended the memo by making it clear that he wouldn’t predict who would win tomorrow’s caucuses, saying, ”Last time around I predicted Hillary Clinton would beat Barack Obama. A humbling experience.”

The Factor host also talked about presidential contender Michele Bachmann's chances in the Iowa caucuses.

Watch O'Reilly deliver his predictions below:

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