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Salem Witches Hold 'Ritual' to Stop Tebow & Broncos From Winning


“I’m going to raise the energy of the universe and send out all the good mojo."

It's Friday the 13th -- a day that may cause some of the more superstitious among us some angst. But it seems Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, who by all accounts has had a mixed bag of luck on the football field, may need to pray a little bit harder this weekend.

A group of witches held what FOX News called "a seance" at noon today in Salem, Mass., in an attempt to cast a spell that would lead Tebow and his team to defeat.

Laurie ‘Lorelei’ Stathopoulos and Lori Bruno, two women who are well-known in the "spiritual" community, planned to assemble at Crow Haven Corner, a witch shop in Salem, to rally the sprits in an effort to bring the New England Patriots to victory on Saturday evening.

“I’m going to raise the energy of the universe and send out all the good mojo,” Lorelei said in an interview with the Boston Herald. “Lori will call in the Angels.”

To summons the spirits, the witches planned to chant, “Tom Brady will see what he needs to see, be where he needs to be and will take the Patriots to another victory.”

Of course, they said that they don't plan to hex Tebow, as they're "good witches." On their altar, they said they'd have a hand-sewn Brady puppet and "mojo bags" containing herbs and stones for each member of the Patriots.

The Blaze called the store to confirm that the actions took place earlier this afternoon. A storekeeper claimed that the witches did, indeed, partake in the anti-Tebow "ritual."

According to the woman I spoke with on the phone, though, the practice wasn't a seance, as outlets were reporting (she didn't get into the details and the expert witches weren't available to comment).

"Basically, it was a ritual for positive things to happen for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots," she said.

Now, an interesting question comes to mind. If, indeed, God has been intervening at moments to help Tebow on the football field, will there be a spiritual battle unfolding come Saturday night? We'll all have to wait and see.

(H/T: FOX News)

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