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Stephen Colbert Answers the Tough Questions on ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos


He likened himself to a "one-man Louis and Clark" expedition looking for his Sacagawea.

(The Blaze/AP) Comedian Stephen Colbert says that just because his name won't appear on Saturday's ballot in South Carolina's Republican primary doesn't mean he couldn't become president, or even pope, someday.

In an oftentimes awkward, meandering interview on Sunday, Colbert told ABC's "This Week" that he established a presidential exploratory committee last week that consists of "someone who is good with explosives," a mountain climber and a brain in a jar. He likened himself to a "one-man Lewis and Clark" expedition looking for his Sacagawea.

Colbert said if his quest for presidency doesn't work out, he would be willing to throw his weight behind one of the other candidates. He said: "All they have to do is come kiss my ring like they did Donald Trump's."

While the candidate may still be in the exploratory stage, a super PAC supporting Colbert has already released an ad entitled "Mitt the Ripper" taking on possible opponents if Colbert decides to enter the primary.

Colbert's full interview on ABC:

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