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Kid asks Gingrich about God, gets a Gingrich answer


When you ask Newt Gingrich a simple question, you can't expect a simple answer. His response to almost every question is complex, long, and delivered as though he has likely spent a lot of time thinking about the issue, even if it's the first time he's heard about it.

That doesn't change if you're a 13-year-old, either. Just as Ron Paul gave a typical Ron Paul answer to a young boy who asked the candidate about autism in late December, Gingrich addressed a teenage boy's question about religion the same way he would anyone else: like a professor.

At a recent campaign event in South Carolina, here's the exchange between Gingrich and the kid, via the Washington Post:

Gingrich had time for only two questions, one of which came from Zach Maher, 13, who said he had worked on it for two days: “Why do liberals want to take God out of our society . . . which was built on Christianity?”

Gingrich answered at length about “anti-religious judges” before crafting a short history of Pope John Paul II’s role in bringing down the Soviet Union. “Literally as the Polish people began to remember their Christianity, they began to melt their communist bonds.”

If Maher worked on that question for two days, he'll probably need another two to fully grasp the answer he got for it.

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